Available designs

These designs can be claimed by filling out the form in the BOOKING section (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡


All the following designs will only be tattooed once, unless otherwise provided by the concept (for example, you want to get matching tattoos with a loved one). Some of the designs shown may be changed to best suit your body with their elements recomposed and I am always happy to amplify the composition with some matching elements that will make the tattoo more expressive and liked by you (I put an example at the bottom of the page). Two or more designs can also be combined into a balanced composition adjusted to your body.

See INFO section for information on commissioning custom designs.


Well, enough talking, hope you enjoy viewing! ♡


And this is an example of how elements of a design can be placed in a composition different from the initial design to adjust to your body - I am always open to play with placement so feel free to reimagine my designs in this way! The elements can be scattered in any places from top to toe :)