Pre-drawn designs and custom designs


There are two possible ways to get a tattoo from me: to commission a custom design or to claim the pre-drawn designs from the gallery - see AVAILABLE DESIGNS page for the second option.

If you’d like me to work on a custom design for you, please fill out the BOOKING form and include the information about the intended size and placement of the tattoo and add screenshots of my previous tattoos/designs that match your idea in one way or another so I could better understand what exactly in my art is appealing to you and use it in creating a design for you. Text descriptions are also very welcome.


I use my vision and skills to create the design that resonates best with your request and feels good for you to have on your body, and I ask you to be open to my suggestions and to give me room to interpret your request :)

What our process will be?


1) Please fill out the form in the BOOKING section and tell us about your choice of sketch or idea, size, location and other details of the tattoo and appointment that are important to you.


2) Then please wait a bit :) I will message you with details, and when we have decided on design, day and other details, I will offer you to make a deposit of 50/100€ (depends on whether it is custom or not).

2.1) If it is a custom design you chose to commission, I will send you a sketch before your scheduled appointment (andI will complete the design when we meet for the appointment in live discussion mode which is the most productive and fun kind of process)

3) Then we meet in the studio on the agreed day and do the thing!

Please be patient - I will definitely message you back as soon as possible ♡

Thanks for reading this! There's also a F.A.Q. below with some further information.


Proper aftercare is very important - the better you take care of your new tattoo, the better it heals. I will provide you with nessessary information during our session.



Q: Can I just commission a design from you? I live in another country/city so I would like to get it tattooed by a local tattooer.
A:  No, sorry! I am not open to commissions in tattoo design at the moment.


Q: Do you tattoo other artists' designs?
A: No, I only tattoo my own drawings.


Q: Do you only use black ink?
A: Yes, that's right!


Q: How much does a tattoo cost?
A: The cost depends on size, placement, design, so I can't tell you until I know the details. It also depends on the rent cost in the studio where we meet and related costs as travelling costs and so on. The minimum cost of a session in Berlin is 200€.


Q: Where are you located?
A: I live and work in Berlin at the moment, visiting other cities in Europe, I announce my trips on my instagram @awaystland.